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Art Reprographic Studio - The Moving Wall

The moving wall is a sliding 2.4 by 2 metre panel that allows the artworks to be moved past our 300M Pixel hand made Penatcon 6000 S scan camera equipped with the worlds best Schneider APO-Componon and Digitar lenses

The facility features up to 72 double tubed OSRAM daylight fluorescent tubes arranged for even 360 coverage and rapid 1 to 2 minutes scan times. The facility can perform "slit scans", whereby the central band of the image is repeatedly scanned and stitched in Photoshop, allowing the sharpest part of the lens to be used over the entire length of the original.

The GMS Reprographic facility is designed for our use in our 'Canvas Printing for Profit' courses where students learn how to make colour accurate copies of fine art. When not used for these courses, the facility can be used by existing GMS canvas printing customers that do not have these facilities.

As GMS has a policy of non-competition with its customers, artists must use the services of this facility by contacting one of our canvas printing clients directly. Some of these have existing in-house services with similar abilities.

  • 300Mpixel, 10,000 by 10,000 by 3 primary coloured CCD
  • up to 72 CRI 90 or better OSRAM fluorescent tubed lighting system
  • IT8 Color managed workflow for exceptional colour match
  • Choice of 60 or 90mm Schneider APO-Componon lenses
  • Option of Schneider M-Digitar 80mm macro lens and extension tubes
  • Silverfast A1 6.5 Studio with central scan
  • Multi scan and multi exposure for noise reduction
  • 2.4 metre sliding wall for art work movement
  • Laser lens alignment system for perfect alignment
  • Manually assisted Auto focus system
  • File size is 572 megabytes for a single image, 16 bit, dynamic range is 14bit
  • Multishot images easily exceed 2GB is size at 16 bit.
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Colour Management

GMS offers free automated colour profiling of its own media. Any customer requiring a custom profile can submit profile targets for profile calculation by our state of the art x-rite i1-io. The GMS custom profiling service will email the results to the requestor in a timely fashion.

Profiles can be created with either standard x-rite or other targets.GMS also offers a print viewing service whereby customers can view their prints using a known controlled light source from a new x-rite Judge II viewing booth.

Profiling of non GMS papers is $40 per target using the i1-io and is much more accurate than the use of manual hand scanners as used in many camera shops.

Disaster Recovery

GMS has its own in house Epson and Canon printers for profiling, media evaluation and education purposes. This equipment can be utilised by GMS customer should a disaster occur at the user site. GMS charges only cost recovery for its equipment.

Liquid Lamination

GMS offer a canvas and signage liquid lamination service using turbine HVLP spray guns and GMS Aquathane- UV for those customers without this equipment. The customer can choose the finish required. GMS will return the result via courier.

Student Services

Students of recognised tertiary institutions doing an approved photographic or fine art course may use GMS equipment from 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM on most working days to print their exam folio. GMS will charge cost recovery for media & ink consumed. This is a not to be missed opportunity to have access to our unrivalled media and profile library for the highest quality printing.

Basic assistance is offered during these hours.

The GMS facilities include ready to go media profiles for almost all GMS media types and a 44 inch and 60 inch wide format printer loaded with Matt Black inks which is essential for high quality fine art prints or canvas.

An Epson R3000 with media cassette is available for those printing multiple cut sheets for books or other projects.